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Botox Injections


BOTOX Cosmetic is derived from a natural protein called botulinum toxin. When injected into the specific facial muscles that cause crow’s feet, frown lines and other dynamic wrinkles to form, the product causes them to completely relax for up to a few months at a time. The result? A smile as vibrant as ever—but without the perma-crinkles that come along with it!

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Popularly known as a “lunchtime treatment” because of its quick turnaround time, BOTOX is easy to fit into your busy schedule. Your appointment itself can be as quick as 20 minutes, allowing you to simply walk in and walk out.

Prior to your injections, your Doctor will recommend a pre-treatment facial which allows us to clean and prepare the skin for injections. The injections themselves should only feel like a pinprick and should be over in a matter of minutes. Your skin shouldn’t be left with any marks, and you can jump right back into your normal routine.


Before your first BOTOX appointment, you’ll have a consultation with one of our Doctors. During this time, you can discuss your reasons for getting BOTOX and learn more about the results you can expect. While BOTOX is most commonly used to treat crow’s feet and frown lines, it can be used in other areas as well, like the forehead or even the jaw. Your aesthetician will guide you toward the best treatment plan for your goals.

You might also want to add another treatment or two to complement your BOTOX results. Lots of people find that injectable fillers like Juvederm or Voluma a match made in heaven with BOTOX—fillers can temporarily treat deeper wrinkles and lost facial volume, making for a more comprehensive anti-aging approach than either treatment alone.


Right after your appointment, you may develop some temporary bruising or swelling. If you’re off to an important event or meeting, bring along your makeup bag so you can cover up any redness that could result from the injections.

You should notice your results developing over the following days and week. Your skin should appear smoother and younger with less wrinkling. People may notice that you look refreshed well-rested, but you should never appear frozen or overly “done.”

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